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Elder Futhark Rune Set - Deluxe Beginner Set

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Looking for a rune set to help you learn the meanings of these powerful ancient symbols? Just embarking on the path of rune study? Or are you an old hand who wants to teach others while you read for them?

This rune set is made up of twenty-four runes (no "blank" or "wyrd" runes are included, and we will not fill requests for blank runes). The runes are burned into wooden tiles, with the rune's number (where it is in the Futhark), common ancient Norse name, and a translation (or two, if it has more than one meaning, such as "torch, ulcer" for Kenaz) to aid the new student in understanding the runes.

Each rune is approx. 1" x 1.5" x .25" in dimension, and each is hand-sanded to give a generally uniform look and feel (along with preventing splinters). The grain of the wood runs left to right (rather than top to bottom), as it should for a set of runes.

Because they are hand-finished, each set is unique and perfect uniformity isn't really possible. The runes are very durable and we've never had an tile break (not that we've actively worked at it, mind you, but they've been in some pretty rough situations over the years), and the burning process doesn't leave anything to smudge.

As each rune is finished, the name of the rune is spoken and chanted, calling to it and seeking to bring it out as we work the wood. We don't color the runes, leaving that option up to the eventual owner, should he or she wish to put their own energy into the runes they have purchased.

Each of our Elder Futhark rune sets can be bundled with our Basic Rune Bundle, which includes a nicer bag, a runic casting board, an Odin's Eye, and a book to help you learn the runes. Just select "Yes" on the drop-down below when ordering to have this $45 value added to your set for only $24.99!

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