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Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

You agree that use of The Magical Druid site is at your own risk. We will make every effort to get you what you order in a timely manner, but as we build stock, some hand made items may not ship immediately.

Additionally, all hand-made products are just that: made by hand. They may not look exactly like their photo (photos are designed to give you an idea of what the end result will look like, not the product itself, especially if made-to-order). If you are dissatisfied with the product you receive, please do let us know. We will make every effort to satisfy you.

Related, we anticipate the question to be asked: "What's wrong with your wood?" We anticipate this not because there's actually anything wrong with our wood, but because we use all the wood we have on hand, with only tiny pieces and sawdust becoming "scrap." This means that sometimes, you'll see knots, strange grains, color variations, and other "imperfections" in the wood products you get.

The Magical Druid encourages you to consider these "imperfections" to be characteristic of the unique nature of the product you have purchased from us. We make no excuses for the way trees grow, the pieces of those trees we use to produce your product, or the creative ways we find to make use of even the most difficult wood we work with. It is what makes your purchase a Magical Druid product, and it is what makes your purchase yours and impossible to duplicate.

Returns: The Magical Druid will do whatever we can to ensure that you are pleased with your purchases; however, some products may not be returned, including any custom work. If the product may be re-sold, we may issue a partial refund at our discretion, but products with names, dates, or other unique information are not eligible for return. Please contact us if you wish to return your product. No returns are accepted after 90 days, regardless of reason.

Refunds: The Magical Druid will replace items broken in shipment as long as customer provides photos of the shipping materials and product. We do not issue refunds for products. We will offer refunds for unattended classes providing we are contacted 24 hours prior to scheduled class.

Warranty: The Magical Druid, llc, makes no warranty or guarantee on the magical, religious, or spiritual properties indicated by our products. We do promise to do all the work we say we do: we will bless items, hand finish them, work rituals around them, and explain to you historical and folk uses for them. Our in-house products are carefully made and done with respect and honor to the spirits, even when we use our laser engraver. All items are provided "as is" without any warranties expressed or implied, and your purchase is your agreement to indemnify The Magical Druid, llc, and hold us harmless for any outcomes or non-outcomes you may experience. We are firm believers that any person who guarantees their spellwork without qualification is likely attempting to con you out of your money.