Lessons in Our Druidry from a set of Braille Ogham

Braille ogamA couple of weeks ago, a student on ADF-Dedicants mentioned some trepidation about the “omen” part of an ADF rite. It wasn’t about being able to interpret the symbols: this student was blind, and so couldn’t even see the symbols.

This got us thinking, and we responded almost immediately, asking if we could make a set of ogham with Braille tree names on them and send them to the student free of charge (since we really had no idea what we were doing, and we really needed someone to test them before we tried to produce them for sale).

We set about designing them with the student’s input, and ended up with a design where the symbol is on the left, with the English tree name running up the right edge of each piece. We used a piece of red alder that was 1/8″ thick for this first set, because it’s just a test set, and we expect to need to refine it over time. (Check them out!)

We can also do them with the Braille using Irish names, too: we actually originally designed them that way before realizing that perhaps we should do them in English instead, and the student confirmed a preference for the English version.

Projects like this make the work we do at The Magical Druid really worthwhile, though: not only does it stretch us creatively, but it lets us serve a whole group of folks who others don’t create things for. . . and let’s be honest, a blind person should have access to quality divination products, as well as any sighted folks.

We’re really looking forward to the feedback about the set. We think the Dedicant is going to love them.

About Michael

Rev. Michael J Dangler is an ADF Senior Priest, and co-owner of The Magical Druid. He makes most of the hand-made divination sets.
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